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Quality and Compliance

Diahem is dedicated to strict compliance with the highest quality standards, harmonized with the laws, regulations and policies, highly respecting business ethical principles. A team of experienced professionals tracks continuously each delivery, providing customer support on all ten markets, throughout Diahem seven branch offices.

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About Diahem

Diahem AG is an official distributor of Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. (Hercules Ca., USA), with the core business primarily focused on Bio-Rad Swiss division DiaMed ID-System – ID-Gel cards for Immunohematology.

Bio-Rad (DiaMed) is the leader in blood group serology, with over a million tests performed worldwide daily, using the ID-System (Gel cards).

Diahem AG was founded in 1991, acting as the exclusive distributor and service provider for the DiaMed product portfolio. After Bio-Rad’s acquisition of DiaMed in 2007, Diahem became the official partner of Bio-Rad, remaining centralized on Immunohematology field and subsequently extending the scope on the other Bio-Rad Clinical diagnostics portfolios.

With over seventy professionals operating in ten markets throughout its seven Branch offices, Diahem provides professional scientific and technical support to its customers – primarily hospitals, blood banks and private laboratories.


The principal activity of the Diahem Company is sales and complete scientific, professional, educational and technical support in the field of laboratory diagnostics.
Diahem offers to its customers optimum and continuous support through continual availability of qualified persons to contact, through the quick and effective response to any type of queries, fast delivery, regular technical services, competent scientific and technical advice and support, as well as through regular training programs related to the range of offered products.

Diahem takes care of employees’ satisfaction, as well as of their continuing professional education.


Diahem efforts are focused on:
• creating a leading position in the market of products and services that Diahem offers and being recognizable to the customers;
• applying and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system based on the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015 and striving to exceed the level of those requirements;
• permanently harmonizing operations with the legislation;
• following our customers’ and users’ requirements;
• providing customers professional and timely information on the current assortment.

Customer Service

Customer Services are situated in our local branch offices in all our market share countries. We recognise that every aspect of our Company’s business has an impact on the customer and strive to consistently deliver the highest level of service possible.

A team of established professionals, working closely with all aspects of our business, ensures a familiarity with each account that enables us to offer an efficient and personalised service. Our commitment to our customers is the motivation to continually strive to deliver a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Please find your local Branch Office under Contact or contact our Head Office.

Sales and Scientific support

We, at Diahem AG pride ourselves on the quality of Sales and Scientific support we are able to offer. The Sales and Scientific support team comprises of qualified Biomedical and Blood Bank Scientists and Specialists with aggregate experience in hospital laboratories.
Our aim is to provide you with an unsurpassed support service, easy communication with appropriate team members, rapid response to your enquiries, and to make regular visits to all customers both large and small. The Sales and Scientific support team is itself further supported by personnel with considerable expertise and experience in information technology and software development. Please find your local Branch Office under Contact or contact our Head Office.