The ID-PNH Test is a rapid, gel agglutination assay for PNH via detection of DAF and MIRL by specific monoclonal antibodies. It is intended for the diagnosis and therapy monitoring of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH). A test for the exclusion or confirmation of PNH should be considered in patients with otherwise unexplained thromboembolic complications, or in patients with hemolysis or hemorrhage, anemia, and other symptoms. This very simple and economical procedure provides reliable results in less than 30 minutes. Unused microtubes in the cards can be used at a later time.

ID-PNH consists of:

  • Reagent 1: ID-PNH-Gel card with rabbit antiserum against mouse immunoglobulins
  • Reagent 2: Monoclonal antibodies directed against DAF and MIRL respectively, and negative control, ready-to-use, 1.4 mL. A negative control is included in reagent 2.

Additionally required: ID-Diluent 2.

ID-Card (Id-n°: 50620), Reagents (Id-n°: 45270).

Ordering information

Pkg. size Profiles or single test REF
1 x 12 24 Profiles 040021
3 x 1 x 1.4 mL 20 Tests 040025