Jump3 a telemedicine web software for transfusion medicine allowing external validation of test results through secured external internet connection.

The possibility to use a system for electronic signature of documents solves the questions related to reliable remote test result validation. The System is very easy to use for operating staff. It is rapid, flexible and secure with use of DiaMed CE / IVD certified Maestro software, instruments and reagents (DiaMed ID-Micro Typing Gel System and Microplanes).

Key Features

• Remote validations through utilisation of digital signature
• Very simple to use interactive software with step by step procedure
• Rapid long distance communication using web technologies
• Secure and direct access to database without any data files transmission
• Traceability of all test images, validated results and digital signatures
• Integrated to CE / IVD Certified DiaMed Maestro Software
• Interface with all DiaMed Instruments (Readers and Samplers)
• Individual password protection
• Personalised reports (optional)
• Possibility to interface with existing HIS or LIS systems

Ordering information

Jump3 License 910 000
Jump3 Maintenance 910 001