Type and Screen

DiaClon Type + Screen

Under certain rigorous conditions, compatibility tests before a blood transfusion may be replaced by type and screen testing (T/S) of the recipient.

The type and screen test must not be used to replace full crossmatch where the crossmatch is designated as a mandatory procedure by the national regulatory body.

ID-Test (Id-n°: 50682):

  • Configuration: A, B, DVI-/3 x AHG
  • Cell lines: A: A5, B: G1/2, D: LHM59/20 (LDM3), 175-2,
    AHG: rabbit, C3d: cell line C139-9

Ordering information

Pkg. size Profiles or single test REF
4 x 12 48 profiles 002437
24 x 12 288 profiles 002431
60 x 12 720 profiles 002439
112 x 12 1344 profiles 002438